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Suppliers of Leading Brands

The distribution management branch at Krypton is a critical partner with both the National Health Service and private healthcare institutions. With an emphasis on quality, through a vast range of global brands, our products and services continue to deliver a cost effective price point.

Adult Incontinence Products
Breathing Systems
Wound Compression
Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes and Sets
Disinfectants, Wipes, Sprays and Cleanroom Consumables
CSSD Consumables and Disposables
Clinical Dispensers and Holders
Clinical and Cytotoxic Waste
Chart Paper, Electrodes and Radiology Accessories
Needles, Syringes and Lancet Devices
Urology, Gastroenterology and Suction Devices
Endoscopy Accessories
Surgical Drapes and Customer Procedure Packs
Surgical and Examination Gloves
Stoma Appliances
Professional Clogs and Work Shoes
Pharma Packaging and Bottles
Plastic and Glass Baby Bottles
Surgical Sutures and Blades
Personal Protective Overalls
Paper Hygiene and Materials
Laboratory Consumables and Transport Swabs
IV, Administration, Infusion and Transfusion Devices
Oxygen Therapy and Suction Equipment